INTRO SERIES: Observations of the Altered Consciousness

Consciousness is a strange concept. It remains a great mystery even to the greatest minds of today even as they are accompanied by great advancements in technology and their far reaching theories of the past. Yet, it alone, the foundation on which all reality stems from is unobtainable, resting within an ineffable void hidden behind an illogical loop trapped inside of an infinite paradox. Science would say that consciousness is the result of the neurotransmitters flowing through your brain. That a healthy brain, due to natural biological processes generates consciousness. Mystics would relate it in a way that suggests we are generating the world around us, that through thought and will alone we command the outcome. Others would respond with a determined viewpoint, that whatever consciousness is, it doesn't matter, that we are in fact bound to the results of the reality algorithm that was set to execute long ago. Whatever it is, we cannot deny its existence, because without it, it seems as if there would be no existence to deny.


The common man believes that “in his right mind” is the base reality, or base consciousness. If he were to drink a few too many beers, he would enter into the state of drunkenness and no longer be thinking or behaving from base consciousness. In ways I see this as useful thinking and in others I see it as a logical trap. Our world view has been shaped from the influence of a number of sources, each source adding a layer to primal biological setup. Homo sapien operates from a world view of dodging predators, living in tribes, and existing somewhere within nature and the natural order that she creates. This is a recent view of sapien evolution, and to be fair our programming stretches much further back than what we’ve become in the last quarter million years. Yet, in our present reality filled with telepathetic pieces of rare earth metals, robotic entities that listen, watch, and speak to us, and tools that show us the micro and the macro worlds. We have the ability to access all of human history within seconds, the option to learn any skill or watch total strangers have sex.  This is not the world we evolved from but it is the world we will continue to exist in.

Two things can alter consciousness, as I have experienced within my time on earth. One is the outside world, drawn from moments outside oneself. The birth of a child. The death of a loved one. The realization of failure or victory to a goal. These alterations of moments range from mere seconds to a lifetime. The second, is through practice or substance, meditation, yoga, or LSD and mushrooms. These two paths can converge in several ways as well as through a practice such as archery or jiu jitsu. The second practices promise to alter and separate your ideas of who you are, where you belong in the world and within in time and what is beyond you, past and future. I have undergone a psychedelic, (the word meaning mind manifesting and coined in the 1950s), experience and in no way do I advocate their use to everyone, but I do speak on the benefits and obstruction that they have caused me.


This series of blogs will attempt to take the ineffable moments of complete revelation and sheer terror and interpret it be understandable. Taking the chaos within from such an experience and making order out of it. Not everyone will get the chance or even want to endure a psychedelic experience. Some would advise against it while others preach its gospel. I am but an explorer, one who traverses the inner world of outer space, in search of truth, meaning, and purpose.